Patient Testimonial

  • A –almighty, G- god's, A- amazing, D- doctors, I –insight.

    "Almighty god's amazing doctors insight is - AGADI HOSPITAL.

    Agadi Hospital is a great boon to me. In my 79th year, I was diagnosed to have Cancer –Lymphoma stage IV. All my relatives and friends lost hopes. But, it was Agadi hospital that saved me from the clutches of death. God bless Agadi fraternity.

    • - Susheela Ambarish.
  • We are extremely grateful to Dr. Agadi and all staff for taking good care of my father. Agadi hospital has a wonderful team of doctor. We wish you and the hospital all the best and may you continue to provide medical help with a human touch.

    • – Mr. Ganesh P. Kini.
  • Literary Kannada meaning of Agadi is - A–Gadi, Gadi denotes boundary, Agadi means without any boundary or without any limit. There is no limit for your goodness and care what you shower on your patients.

    • – Prof V. K. Kustagi.
  • Staff are dedicated and courteous. They are friendly with the patient as well as respond promptly to the patient needs.

    • – Mrs. Lalitha Harinath.
  • I have my deepest admiration for Dr. Agadi and all staff. It is elementarily not possible to thank each of you individually, I will certainly not overlook do so when I will have the good fortune of meeting each of you in person.

    • – Mr. Veeru Reddy.
  • I am extremely grateful for the sincere and dedicated service rendered to my father, I want to convey my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all the staff of Agadi hospital.

    • – Mr. Rajesh Shah.